An advantageous partnership for Wirex – Wirex is a company that offers cryptos bank cards. Building on its recent partnership with MasterCard, the company has just raised more than $3 million through equity financing.
1 million in 30 minutes

That’s it! The crowd equity campaign launched by Wirex has just come to an end. It allowed investors to finance the project while obtaining shares in it. Wirex hoped to raise £1 million by offering £9.24 shares. In fact, the campaign went better than expected, and £3.7 million was raised from 6,928 investors.

Details of the fundraising, conducted in crowdequity.

It had started with a bang. Indeed, it took only 30 minutes for Wirex to reach the million pounds initially set.

„It’s an important milestone to have achieved our initial plan to raise £1 million so quickly, but it’s not surprising given that we’ve already developed a pioneering platform that allows users to buy, hold, trade and spend multiple traditional and cryptographic currencies seamlessly. We have decided to expand our fundraising to give everyone the opportunity to invest and play a role in Wirex’s extraordinary adventure, sharing our vision to take the company to the next level and bring cryptography to the mainstream. „Pavel Matveev, CEO of Wirex, in a press release.

This fund raising came three years after the previous one, during which Wirex raised the equivalent of £2.45 million from the Japanese financial group SBI Holdings.

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Partnership with MasterCard is making an impact

In July of this year, Wirex became the first crypto company to achieve MasterCard Master Member status. This status allows the company to issue bank cards directly without having to go through a third party service.

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It should also enable Wirex to offer other financial services in the future, as this preferential status is highly disputed within the cryptosphere. This historic partnership has likely attracted a number of investors to take part in the fundraising.